Sustainability Program

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Sustainability is one of the core values of our business and we’ve used this value to guide many of the decisions made in setting up the business. We will continue to use it as the business evolves and grows.

Our goal is to have a low environmental footprint and to be a zero emissions business.

In the set-up phase we engaged Eco-Biz, a Queensland Government organisation to assess the business and provide recommendations. Based on their recommendations, we have implemented a number of small-scale initiatives as part of our sustainability programme. This programme will be reviewed continuously – so if you have ideas as to how our store can further reduce our footprint please contact us.

Sustainability Initiatives Underway

Packaging within the business

  • No single use plastic used in the business
  • We have made a commitment to only stock products made from sustainable packaging, or products in transition (that is, the business owner has advised that they have a plan in place to transition to sustainable packaging)
  • We use compostable mailing bags
  • We use sustainable and/or compostable in-store packaging for customers
  • Postage – all shipping is carbon neutral (Australia Post)

Energy saving policy

  • We will use natural lighting as much as possible
  • Only using air-conditioning when absolutely required (some products require the store to be at a certain temperature. Given the QLD climate, there is no need to ever use the heating function)
  • We only use eco-friendly appliances
  • We will turn off all technology not required to run overnight, at COB
  • We will review energy usage on a quarterly basis to ensure that it doesn’t increase
  • Short-term: Elect to go carbon neutral with Energy Australia; Mid-late 2020: Installation of solar panels on roof

Water usage

  • No opportunities exist for water used in the kitchen due to health and hygiene, however, using grey water from the dishwasher to water any plants kept on the premises
  • We will collect grey water to water plants in the store, and consider other ways that excess grey water can be used
  • We have an eco-friendly dishwasher

Waste, recycling and use of chemicals:

  • We will consciously limit the amount of waste our business produces
  • We will be a collection point for TerraCycle (insert hyperlink)
  • We will endeavour to repurpose used coffee beans and loose leaf teas in local gardens (TBA)
  • We will use separate recycling bins and being diligent about recycling
  • We will print only when necessary:
    • Asking customers if they want a paper or email receipt
    • When shipping order, not including a paper invoice, invoice by mail only
  • We will use only non-toxic cleaning products in the business


  • Once established, we will look for ways that we can positively contribute to our community
  • The majority of businesses we work with are small-manufacturers and are often women-led businesses. We believe in supporting other small businesses.