Screening Process

The world of natural and organic skincare can be confusing. “Greenwashing” of products can mean that you are never quite sure if the products you are buying are in fact natural and non-toxic. There are lots of different terms bandied around, and thousands of ingredients with long names. We simplify the process for you and make it easy to make the switch to natural skincare:

  • We research ingredients, packaging, supply chains, founders and each individual brand’s commitment to moving the industry as whole toward a more sustainable, fair and ethical direction for people and the planet.
  • We filter through the best of the best brands that meet every safety standard (meaning that everything in the store is non-toxic) and has gone through performance/efficacy testing
  • We have a “standards list’ – that is, a list of ingredients that you’ll never find in the products we stock. We also only stock products which publish a full ingredients list, including the ingredients contained in any “fragrance”. So, you can be confident that all the products we stock are good for your skin and good for the planet. Please click here to view our standards list.